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    2014-05-04  Taking inspiration from green tea

    2014-03-29  Professor Jun Xu will deliver a lecture at Yale

    2014-01-21  Professor Jun Xu delivered a keynote speech in Taiwan

    2013-11-06  Professor Jun Xu delivered a keynote speech in Nanchang

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  • Staffs

    » Jun Xu, Ph.D., Director, Professor of medicinal chemistry and CADD

    » Haibin Luo, Ph.D., Professor of CADD

    » Ruibo Wu, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Computational Chemistry

    » Qiong Gu, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Medicinal Chemistry and Natural Product Chemistry

  • About RCDD

       Research Center for Drug Discovery (RCDD) of Sun Yat-Sen University was founded by Professor Jun Xu, a medicinal and computational chemist and veteran from the United States biopharmaceutical industry in April 2009.

      The center is committed to integrating the advantages of both talents and resources in drug discovery, providing highest post-graduate education, and innovating medical solutions.